Descripción del empleo


  • Translating engineering realities into simple terms for non-technical stakeholders. Engineers are knee-deep in the details of the code and should not worry about translating details into non-technical language if that doesn’t come naturally to them. A technical leader needs to be able to provide such translation, adjusting the level of detail depending on the audience.
  • Allow the team to make progress by staying out of their way and protecting them from distractions. The technical leader needs to fulfill his or her responsibilities and, at the same time, stay out of the way of the team. He or she must allow other engineers to be as productive as they can be by limiting needless distractions.
  • Mentoring and growing team members. The leader helps other engineers improve and move forward in their technical journey, but most important on their personal growth. Knowing team members strengths and weaknesses to plan their participation into a task that can be aligned with their strengths and their best possible fit. Also creates the right environment for the team growth and every individual to develop their full potential and add value to the product from different angles.


  • Java
  • Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns
  • Web Programming
  • Configuration management tools (Maven, Ant, Gradle)
  • SQL programming and relational databases
  • Proficient with Cloud deployments and containers
  • Proficient with API architectures and Cybersecurity principle

Modality: Remotely or mixed.

Salary: Negotiable

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