Descripción del empleo

– Participate in software development projects, including design, development, requirements review, managing scope, and managing personal deadlines.
– Experience working in an agile team, dedicated to generating value in an iterative fashion
– High development standards, especially for code quality, code reviews, unit testing, continuous integration and deployment
– Develop and understand complex SQL statements
– Follow architecture and coding standards, development methodologies and produce technical and business documentation as needed.
– Manage maintenance and actualize deployed systems
– Implant principles and best practices for developing secure web applications.
– Guide meetings with client and operations people.
– Guide in product design, estimates and timeline management.
– Develop of process for automation and/or data transfers.

– Extensive development experience in Python, including development of microservices using e.g. Flask, Django, etc.
– Experience with Git and Docker.
– Familiarity with Atlassian solutions.
– Familiarity with event-driven designs, specifically you have worked with Kafka, Pulsar, RabbitMQ.
– Database programming with T-SQL. (MS Server)
– Cloud experience
– Linux, IOS, Windows experience.