Descripción del empleo

We are looking for a Developer with deep technical skills and are comfortable working in evolving technology infrastructure. A problem solver, future thinker, independent, and excited about having a big impact.

Main Responsibilities:

– Be a valued member of an autonomous agile team to continuously iterate on and deliver on new technology objectives.
– Collaborate with your peers and across teams to solve hard problems
– Deliver testable, maintainable, high-quality code and take ownership over the components, workflows, and processes you create
– Optimize systems for performance and scale
– Consistently seek to improve processes, reduce repetition, and challenge the status quo.


● Experience developing complex Python applications
● Distributed systems and microservices architectures in containerized environments
● NoSQL databases like MongoDB/ DynamoDB and Cosmo
● SQL and relational databases
● Knowledge of functional programming principles
● Strong knowledge of data structures
● Passion for technologies like GraphQL, gRPC/ Protocol Buffers