Descripción del empleo

Main responsibilities:

  • Detailed Planning of the works execution based on High Level technical solutions and migration scenarios, do risk assessment and prevent accidents within implementation works.
  • Deeply participate within HLD solution validation between customers and the company, immediately highlight/escalate any problematic case, can’t be implemented or/and might cause network interruption or service unavailability/or such as impossible to implement.
  • Prepare a manual of procedures and standard works step-by-step description for smooth work operation.
  • Set up and create an emergency plan/schedule for customer complaints before/within/after migration, Roll-Back procedure.
  • Create an alarm monitoring system/ troubleshooting procedure/KPI reporting and SLA. Ensure the respective Technical team under his supervision reports timely and in agreement/approved.
  • Strategically plan resources, software/technical support for upcoming projects to ensure no gaps will happen within migration.


  • Bachelor Degree or higher education in Telecommunications/Electronics Engineering/IT/BA or equivalent.
  • 5~10 years experience as technical director for the bearer product of the telecommunication area, previous working experience in big telecommunication operators is preferred.
  • Proficient in English and Spanish.

Salary: $3.500-$4.500 USD (Negotiable)