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IT Talent is looking for an International Company:  PL/SQL Developer

The PL/SQL Developer will own, support, investigate, audit, analyse, and evaluate production processes and their related outputs. This position will also assist in the Design, development, implementation and support of new or migrated production processes. The PL/SQL Developer will possess strong conceptual and critical thinking, analytical skills, collaborative work behaviours, and communication skills.

Main responsibilities:

  • Design, plan, develop and test new solutions that meet customer’s business needs.
  • Prepare data and programs to produce cyclical and adhoc customer deliverables and reports.
  • Prepares program specifications and diagrams and develops coding logic flowcharts.
  • Translates business specifications and designs into language-coded programs, procedures, or scripts.
  • Interprets and uses computer operating systems and interface tools to code, compile, test, run, and debug programs (e.g., PL/SQL, Windows, etc.).
  • Assisting programmers in the development of programs of a more complex nature.
  • Ensures that a piece of software or system performs to specification and, if applicable, creates the appropriate output.
  • Identify process improvements within products and work to automate existing processes.
  • Performs proactive auditing of assigned datasets and assist in creating a pipeline of changes to improve code performance and data quality using tools such as Tableau, Talend and Excel.
  • Help establish and maintain data quality audits for the outputs you have responsibility for using Tableau and Excel.
  • Utilises historical project data to improve the accuracy and consistency of the estimates & plans.


Principal Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with 7+ years’ related job experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Advanced languages skills in PL/SQL. (Python, or other Scripting Language is a plus).
  • Familiar with code repository software (SVN, Git-lab etc.).
  • Understands connections between platforms and how to move data between them.
  • Proficient in accessing data within Oracle databases using tools such as (Toad, SQL Developer etc.).
  • Strong Python and Tableau skills

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